Roof Replacement Orlando

Here at Sky Light Roofing, we specialize in affordable and timely roof replacements for residents. Our clients are always impressed with our accurate cost and time estimates because we’re dedicated to staying on schedule and on budget for our customers. So, how does the roof replacement process work with Sky Light Roofing? Here’s a rundown of how Sky Light Roofing handles a full roof replacement in Orlando.roof replacement orlando

Visit. Once we make the first contact with a potential client, Sky Light Roofing will send a professional roofing expert out to visit the home. This expert will take some notes about the condition of the roof and recommendations on materials and installation that are unique to the home.

Estimate. The experienced roofing professional will take into account the cost of the materials needed for the project, the availability of the workers at that time, and the size and scope of the roof replacement in Orlando. Once all these factors are taken into account, he will create a detailed and accurate estimate of the cost and time of the project. He’ll take the time to go over this estimate with the homeowner to be sure he or she understands all line items and the time line of the project.

Work. As explained to the homeowner, the roof replacement work will began on the home by experienced roof installment experts from Sky Light Roofing. If there seem to be any delays or any changes in materials needed or used, our roofing professional will speak with the client as soon as possible to inform him or her of the changes needed to the project.

Cleanup. Our Sky Light Roofing professionals pride themselves on a clean worksite. Not only do our roofing experts try to keep the worksite clean and organized while they’re working, but they also take the time to clean up at the end of each day. When the roof replacement is complete, the workers also make sure to clean up any materials and debris from the worksite before leaving.

If you think your roof is in need of a roof replacement, we’d love to come out and assess the project with a FREE accurate and competitive estimate. With Sky Light Roofing, you’ll find that your roof replacement Orlando is a breeze due to our years of experience, quality materials, and attention to detail. Ready for an estimate? Give our office a call today!